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Véronique de La Cochetière

Véronique de La Cochetière, informed by her long experience as a midwife, practitioner in intrapelvic osteopathy, and student of Ayurvedic medicine and Kashmirian Tantra will help you open the doors of your sacred temple: your body.


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Discover your inner self in peace and love.

Yoni Yoga - A Goddess Retreat is a women-only 2 day retreat led by Véronique de La Cochetiere - Paris-based midwife with 30 years of experience, intrapelvic osteopath, Ayurveda therapist and a student of Daniel Odier. Workshop is taught in French and translated into English & Vietnamese. Marvel at being a free and proud woman! Be where you are, accepting your past. Yes, you are unique and precious! Yes, your body is a sacred place and you are its guardian!

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